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Welcome to BaseCamp. This is the starting point of a journey that crosses the boundaries of art and business, and scales the unexpected in film, video, photography and animation. Our directors will be your guides. Our producers your sherpas. Life, and Art, will never be the same. ¡Adelante!.
Mary 'Pepper' Pimienta
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  • Mary Pepper Pimienta - EP/OWNER
  • Claudia Abend
  • Carlos Pérez
  • Laura Belsey
  • Fabio Berrutti
  • Benoit Gabriel
  • Ben Hartenstein
  • Kacho Lopez
  • Dave Merhar
  • Alberto Moratorio
  • ROJO - Director Team
  • Mauro Vecchi
Mary Pimienta (aka "Pepper") is an award-winning bilingual executive producer and line producer, working on global advertising campaigns in the USA, Mexico and Latin America. Beyond advertising, her experience includes feature films, documentaries, music videos and industrials. Comfortable wearing many hats across the vast entertainment production spectrum, Mary integrates methods from each discipline with profound depth to meet the needs of every project. Her commercial credits include the following brands: AT&T, Burger King, Comcast, Discovery, HBO, J&J, Kraft, Pepsi, P&G, Toyota, US Army, Verizon, and Wendy's. Clios, Addys, Best of New York, and the Houston International Film Festival (documentary category) highlight her award-winning pedigree.
Claudia brings a deep passion for storytelling to the director's chair. Her accomplished background as an editor informs her unique narrative sensibilities. Claudia's sensitivity to natural and realistic handling of actors is also a tribute to her directorial success. In 2008, her documentary "Hit" was an official selection at the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival. In 2010, she was honored with the FONA prize for La FLor de La Vida in the Feature Documentary category. In the commercial hemisphere, she was awarded with a Gold FIAP, as well as Ojo de Iberoamerica honors for her viral work.
A multi-disciplinary Creative Director, Carlos weaves Film, Branding and Design into integrated campaigns for clients including Interscope Records, Atlantic Records, Nike, Reebok, Pepsi, ABC Networks, Trump and the Deutsche Bank. A unique sensibility for Latin cultures in the US forms the foundation of Carlos's vision. Born in San Juan and raised in Miami, Carlos began his career in Los Angeles and has traveled extensively around the world. Carlos worked at The Designory designing for brands like Mercedes-Benz before being named Creative Director of the Omnicom-owned firm's Miami office, Pinkhaus. There he guided the brand images of Bacardi, Mercedes-Benz, Island Outpost and the ABC Network. Later, as an independente Creative Director & Image Consultant under his company, Elastic People, Carlos has collaborated closely with 12 of the Top 25 Latin Artists on Billboard Magazine's Best of the Decade Chart. His work transforming the images of some of Latin music's biggest icons has freed Carlos to create and influence new interpretations for the consumer market. He brings to his imagery an ability to resonate with something deep in Latin culture. "I think what makes powerful statements and penetrating images, whether it's for concert tour or corporate brand campaign, is the truth,
Laura has received over a dozen major advertising industry awards, including a Cannes Gold Lion and the One Show Best of Show. She’s been directing short films, television and commercials internationally for over fifteen years for clients such as Swatch, IBM, Nissan, Honda and IKEA. Latest television accomplishments are several episodes for Law & Order: SVU. Her "New York, New York" spot for the Coalition for the Homeless, hailed by the New York Times as "one of the most remarked on, and remarkable, examples of the puissance of public service advertising", is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Laura is also a faculty member at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.
Fabio is internationally acclaimed for directing campaigns for Toyota, General Motors, Heineken and other major brands. Ojo de Iberoamerica (Buenos Aires) has awarded him Best Director honors for five consecutive editions. International, refined visual style, adept at communicating with actors, and a great sense of humor comprise his unique take on directing.
Benoit Gabriel, a multilingual dual citizen of the U.S. and E.U., began his career in film at the tender age of fourteen when he was discovered by a creative director who was impressed with the young man’s drawing skills. By age sixteen he was working alongside important directors, creating boards for a variety of spots and features. Benoit went on to study filmmaking in New York and quickly gained recognition as a talented music video and commercial editor. Soon after, Benoit made the jump to directing and has been busy ever since. Fluent in English, Spanish. Benoit’s elegant visual style, delicately crafted performances, and command of cinematic language have put him in high demand and made him an invaluable collaborator for a growing number clients including Coca-Cola, AT&T, Visa, Nestlé, Honda, and many more. He has directed spots for FCB, Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, Y&R, and JWT, to name a few. His award-winning work has been shown at Cannes, and showcased in SHOTS, Ad Age, Latin Spots, The New York Festivals, El Ojo de Iberoamérica, Festival el Sol, Nielsen IAG, and the list keeps growing. Today, Benoit lives in Brooklyn. In his free time he enjoys painting, composing music, and knife throwing.
Ben’s work is characterized by a sharp yet subtle feeling for emotional storytelling with great visual elements, creating films that win the masses, grab their attention, and sell. His work includes Fiat (with Michael Schumacher), Volkswagen, Porsche, a myriad of world-wide Hair & Beauty campaigns, and real people/docu-style commercials for Africa Bank, Nescafe and Weight Watchers. This Copenhagen native holds degrees from NYC, The Royal Academy of Art and Rockport School for Cinema – It’s no wonder he’s a master at marrying natural beauty and character-driven storytelling without losing any of the authentic moments which connect with the audience.
This young talent has has crossed over to direct national TV spots for Pepsi, Kellogg's, McDonald’s, Susan G. Komen Foundation and Gatorade, as well as viral web content for RedBull, Ford and Verizon. As a former professional hip-hop dancer and successful graphic designer, Kacho embodies urban culture: he lives by it, for it and with it. He has created stunning music videos for superstars like Ricky Martin, Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon, Juan Luis Guerra, Cultura Profectica and Draco Rosa. Kacho's early work has garnered international recognition for his urban style. He’s participated in the Grammy’s as jury on several occasions. And still does the hip-hop jive.
Specializing in non-traditional comedy and viral web content creation, Dave has won almost every award possible on the advertising circuit. He delights in strong visuals and dialogue that make viewers laugh, think or wonder. Dave graduated college with an art degree before entering into advertising with agency JWT. But it was at DDB where he rose to Group Creative Director, running accounts for Bud Light and McDonald's, among many others. Soon after, Dave started directing hundreds of commercials for major brands (Phillips, Arby's, Sierra Mist, Budweiser, Walmart, and Nationwide, to name a few), while working with more than a dozen Academy Award winners.
This 2011 Gold winner at El Ojo de Iberoamerica started his career as an assistant in Subiela's “The Dark Side of the Heart.” Alberto now stands out internationally with campaigns for Bayer, Peugeot, PepsiCo, Cingular, Hellmann's, Clorox, AT&T, McDonald's and Budweiser. Instrumental to Alberto's prolific commercial portfolio is his innovative approach to storytelling and guiding actors -- he is rapidly becoming a go-to director among Hispanic ad agencies -- and with his accurate and subtle sense of humor, he is a comedic tour de force.
ROJO is a creative filmmaking team of Texan Joe Baar & Parisian Francois Roland. ROJO's originality stems not only from their multi-cultural sensibilities – but also their combined backgrounds: Joe as cameraman and editor on numerous films and documentaries, and Francois as Art Director and Graphic Designer at Ogilvy & Mather Paris. This obvious "complementarity" is what undoubtedly brought them together in the first place. Over the years, they have developed a working method based on open collaboration more than on the division of labor.
In his teenage years (not long ago!), Mauro developed a keen interest for moving images and began drawing flipbook animation and experimenting with stop-motion. After studying cinematography at Bologna University, Mauro started his career as an art director in Kalimera, an Italian creative studio. He soon moved into directing music videos and commercials, which combined live-action and motion graphics in a striking way. Since then, he has directed commercials for Coca-Cola, BMW, Samsung, Kellogg's, Sony Ericsson, Fiat, Kia, Alfa Romeo, and Puma, and music videos such as Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction," which won him international acclaim.
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